Perfect eyeliner

The procedure of permanent makeup is not so traumatic as tattooing, but eye care after it should be special. If you follow the rules, the healing process will take place quickly without any complications. In the first few days your eyelids can swell up and blush. You should apply dry cold or ice every two hours to remove the swelling quicker. While regeneration is not complete, avoid visiting saunas and sport clubs. Also avoid dust, sun and touch in the eye area. Do not use cream and cosmetics. Avoid alcohol drinks. Remember, that you shouldn’t take away the crust, formed on your permanent makeup. It should flaked off independently. The eyelids should be lubricated with a special cream. You should ask your specialist about the ointment which will match you. Within two weeks after the procedure additional correction may be needed.

If you have some questions, please feel free to contact Tetiana Sinclair – the best specialist of permanent makeup. Don’t hesitate, apply to a skilled makeup artist and enjoy her completed work. Perfect eyeliner will make your eyes gorgeous and will become the source of good mood. Every day you will be pleased to see your reflection in the mirror.